Corporate Planning and Structuring

This can be a very complex area of financial planning.  Sophisticated strategies can save tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in taxes and other costs over time.  Although this high-level planning can be somewhat daunting for business owners who are already extremely busy with their day-to-day operations, it is a time investment that can pay great dividends in the long run.

Most business owners have a vision of where they plan to take their organization.  Understanding that vision and planning for suitable structuring can make a huge difference in profitability as companies grow. You can keep a lot more of your money in your hands by taking advantage of tax sheltering opportunities and tax reductions while capitalizing on deductions.  The benefits of incorporating, having a holding company, using trusts, having your wills properly drawn up to reduce taxes and probate, and having an advantageous share structure are all part of this kind of planning.  Likewise, planning ownership structures for partners or other related parties can be very important from a tax and estate planning perspective.  Every situation is different, but every plan begins with gaining a clear understanding of what the situation is now and what the vision is for the future.  Wonderful strategies will emerge to turn that vision into reality.