Life Insurance

Canadians generally agree that life insurance should be part of a sound financial security plan. However, many find the variety of policies and options confusing.

As part of assisting you with all of your personal financial planning needs and goals, we can find you the right life insurance policy in order to create security for you and your family. If you should die unexpectedly, it can be used to:

  • pay final expenses and any debts you may have including the mortgage on your home
  • provide an income for your family
  • ensure your family has the resources to maintain a comfortable standard of living
  • leave a legacy to your favourite charity

While you are still living, some life insurance policies can:

  • build a tax-advantaged savings fund which you can draw upon as needed for personal or business opportunities, to supplement your retirement income, or to provide for long term care or home care for a family member.

However you look at it, life insurance is a valuable part of your financial plan. Life insurance, savings, assets (such as your home, cottage, or business), and other forms of insurance should fit together and be tailored specifically for you.