Succession Planning

We invest a huge part of ourselves in the process of accumulating wealth.  Even if we are not attached to money per se, most of us do not want to see our wealth eroded or syphoned out due to poor planning.  Many people go to a lawyer or notary public to have a will drawn up and hope that it will do what they intended.  However, assets that are included in the will could often be dealt with in a separate document so as to transfer more efficiently and in a much less costly manner.  With some advanced planning, capital gains tax can be drastically reduced and even eliminated over time, and some funds can flow out of the corporation tax free and the estate value can be greatly enhanced.  In many situations, circumstances can be very complicated when you combine factors such as family dynamics, children’s aptitudes, and roles played by in-laws and possible future ex-sons or daughters-in-law—or even future spouses. By using available tools to protect and ultimately transfer wealth, your legacy will be one of excellence, and in the intelligent care and attention to the business of managing your affairs.